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Batman says:

Ham? No not the other white meat although a bowl of beans and ham would be good about now but I digress (hehe fancy word eh?). The Peach and I are Technician Class ham radio operators, although we don’t talk much on it, we still have fun learning stuff. We are going to Orlando in a week to the HAMCATION or in English giant ham radio swap meet, and we are taking her mum and dad and plan to generally have a good ole time. Anyways for those that’s aren’t Hams, each ‘class’ is allowed to talk on certain frequencies and when u get to the top License you can use all available frequencies. This leads me to my point kinda, in my area with my license I can talk on 2 meter mostly, and there are ‘repeaters’ to help me be able to reach farther than my dinky set up normally allows. Clubs put these repeaters up and maintain them which is pretty cool. For the most part the system works quite well until certain people get on and take over the repeater not allowing much other radio traffic due to their taking up so much radio time. Ham is a community of like minded peeps that for the most part are courteous and respectful, but listening to someone discuss gas or other personal issues is not something most people want to listen to. I know it has on more than one occasion made me turn my radio off and not want to bother. Peach and I like to say hello to each other if we are apart and make sure each other is ok, our conversations revolve around those things, we don’t talk long, and normally just listen.

I guess the point is, if your a Ham, be courteous of your time on a repeater and your speech, it portrays a much better impression on people who aren’t Hams but might want to become one, as well as Hams that are new and trying to learn and be courteous.

This would work well in regular life to…