Batman says:

Peach and I have always been in reasonably decent shape, but we decided to exercise a little.

We have the routine we try (notice the try) to do 3 times a week. Nothing crazy and no gyms, just little things we can do around the house. It’s always a chore to get started, even more of a chore to keep going and not stop in the middle. Sometimes we fail and do stop, but we do finish more than we don’t. Our routine would be laughed at as a joke by fitness over achievers, but it works for us. We also bike ride when we can and are pretty active around the house.

The reason for the post is, if you want to be around a long time to annoy Peach, and if you want to be around to annoy your best friend in life, ya mite wanna make exercise, no matter how ridiculous the routine you come up with is, a part of your week. Exercise is important, you don’t have to go overboard, just move around.

In the long run you will be surprised at the way you feel and heck you might even like it and exercise more…if you annoy your best friend to much, don’t blame me…exercise can help u outrun them to…just sayin..

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